“Do exercise with Louise and you won’t have to hire anyone to shovel your snow.  You’re fit to do blizzards.”

“Every week, you can feel that you improve your strength and stamina.  Reversing the downward trend is awesome.”

“When I first met Louise in January 2013, I could barely manage three pound weights. Flash forward to summer 2014, and I managed to get my brand-new air conditioner — 52 pounds! — up to the third floor by myself. Louise’s workouts really work!”

In my late fifties I began to notice changes in my balance. In my sixties I noticed even more changes and realized that my everyday walking regimen just wasn’t enough. Now in my early seventies and after a number of years of strength training, I have noticed a big improvement in my balance. Louise’s strength training classes help you “use it, so you don’t lose it.” I highly recommend them.

“The music and camaraderie is almost as good as the exercise.”

“The atmosphere of Louise’s classes is friendly and welcoming.  As someone new to strength training I was impressed to see the many long term participants exhibiting great balance and vitality in the routines.  In two months I am already experiencing enhanced strength, firmer tone, and improved balance.  I love this class!”